Frequently Asked Questions

Apex Management Group is a management company.
No, we are a management company with a focus on providing affordable health care solutions.
We create products by contracting with appropriate partner organizations that provide a range of healthcare benefits and administrative services that will meet needs and budgets of employers and employees.
Depending on the offering being considered, 4 or 5 employees is participating in the plan is the usual minimum size.

Yes. Our Apex MEC products comply with all rules and regulations Pertaining to Penalty A of the ACA. See the compliance opinion letter under the “About” tab on the website.

Yes.  Covered are all mandated Preventative benefits required by the PPACA.

  • All 21 Preventative Services for Adults
  • All 28 Preventative Services for Women
  • All 31 Preventative Services for Children

A complete list is available at


The Apex Group Plan Solutions are self-insured. Apex Management Group offers, through a self-funded model, a four (4) year rate lock at a static premium level. However, Apex reserves the right to increase pricing on an annual basis no greater than 3% based on an individual client identified “loss ratio.”

Our partner organization offerings are always paired with our Apex plans, and designed guard against the risk associated with paying for high end medical services including hospitalization.  Depending on the chosen healthcare solution, our partner organization offerings include

  • Healthcare Membership for Direct Primary Care
  • Indemnity Insurance Plans
  • Medical Cost Sharing Plans

Interest in these alternative offering continues to grow as employees and individuals seek cost saving measures into benefits programs and personal budgets. Employees are becoming increasingly responsible for funding their own growing out-of-pocket expenses. These offerings provide affordability and excellent healthcare coverage.

Although every situation is different, our experience has shown our solutions provide a savings over conventional health insurance plans ranging from 30-50%.