California has a MEC mandate starting in 2020 for state residents

Starting in 2020, a new California individual health insurance mandate will require state residents to maintain Minimum Essential Coverage (MEC) - or pay a tax penalty. 

In California, MEC refers to the type of health insurance coverage that a person must have in order to comply with the individual mandate set forth by the Affordable Care Act (ACA).  This requirement can be met with certain employer-sponsored group health plans, individual plans that meet ACA requirements, as well as other government programs. 

To prepare for the mandate, California employers – and any US employers with employees in California – should ensure they have appropriate plans in place for their employees.

MEC + GLI: A flexible and affordable benefit package from Beazley
At Beazley, we offer a customized solution that packages MEC benefits with our Group Limited Indemnity insurance policy. Not only does the package satisfy California’s mandate, it also covers certain preventive health services (under the MEC1) and pays out a fixed dollar amount for certain expenses, such as hospital, surgery and ER (under the GLI2).
Note: Group Limited Indemnity is NOT major medical insurance or comprehensive health coverage. 

Employers can choose the benefit options and plan amounts that meet employee needs. It’s easy to implement, with a single administrative platform, a consolidated bill and a single point of contact. Plus, it’s easy for employees to use: one ID card, one claim system, and built-in non-insurance benefits3 (PPO network and telehealth services).

In addition, the MEC + GLI package can be offered alongside other Beazley insurance coverages, such as Critical Illness and Accidental Death & Dismemberment. 

Article Credit:
Beazley Insurance Company
B-Line Publication
October 2019