With a combined 75 years in the insurance industry, the principals of Apex Management Group deliver superior products, support, and pricing. Apex Management Group helps companies meet their complex, changing needs with maximum cost-effectiveness by not only strategically anticipating what clients want, but by also employing unparalleled market analysis.

Team Approach

The innovative team approach Apex Management Group uses ensures clients receive expert guidance from every facet of the insurance industry. From the actuarial side to the sales side, Apex Management Group's principals have the knowledge to meet all client needs.

Cost Control

​Our pricing structures coupled with our suite of offerings help employers regain control of their costs while providing meaningful benefits to employees.


Our plans provide an affordable health care solution that has meaningful benefits to participants. Whether self-funded or employer-provided, all of our offerings satisfy The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.


Our unique management tools provide an unparalled level of stability for our clients.

​Best In Class

Our partners and providers provide best in class execution of our program benefits.


Our customizable platform provides you with a heath care solution to meet both the employer's and employee's needs without any added costs.