Registered Investment Advisors Opportunities

Health Care – The Unique Health Care Sales Opportunity for Registered Investment Advisors

Apex Management Group recognizes the unique position and influence that Registered Investment Advisors (RIA’s) have in the Group Employee Benefit Market. RIA’s have years of experience engaging and working with corporate executives and company retirement benefit plans. By presenting a holistic approach to their clients when evaluating Health Care and Retirement Savings solutions, RIA’s are uniquely positioned (and in most cases already licensed) to present the long term financial benefits that can be provided to Employers and their Employees.

Apex Management Group can effectively address the Health Care product needs and resources for successful distribution by Registered Investment Advisors.  If you would like to add a high quality, high revenue component to you group benefit plan discussions Apex Management Group can provide the following to RIA's.

  • Successful Distribution Coaching Experience
  • Extensive knowledge and solid reputation within the Health Care market
  • The necessary education to provide new product placement among RIA’s

Apex Management Group has witnessed the tremendous rise in the cost of health care over the past several years. We believe this is an opportune time for RIA’s to approach their business clients with a holistic approach to the employee decision process involving building retirement savings and choosing quality affordable health care.  Apex Management Group health care solutions will be welcomed for -

  • The efficient delivery of quality health care solutions
  • The tremendous cost savings that will be delivered to both Employers and Employees

If you are looking for special assistance to grow and significantly expand your revenue stream by adding health care plans to your employer group plan and financial planning practice, we would like to talk with you. Please use the link below to provide your contact information and we will have a representative from Apex Management group will contact you.