Jeffrey L. Bemoras

A 1983 graduate of Drake University, Jeffrey began using his Bachelor of Science in Actuarial Sciences and Finance degree when he joined Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Illinois (BCBSI) as a Senior Director. In this capacity, Jeffrey was responsible for strategic major and national account pricing, as well as marketing and sales. While he also developed and was responsible for strategic Consulting House relationships, Jeffery engaged in coordinating identified business unit activities with major and national account marketing teams and national actuarial and underwriting divisions. Working with national account executives, Jeffrey shared responsibility for enhancing client relationships to ensure accurate implementation of developed-pricing modules for national and local clients such as: Ameritech, American Stores, UPS, AT&T, as well as Will and Cook Counties. In this role, Jeffrey successfully developed pricing modules and implemented six new BCBSI National Managed Care Program and Products including: point-of-service, managed mental health program, participating pharmacy network program, wellness and pre-natal Program, and dental managed care program.

In 1994, Jeffrey joined the International Planning and Analysis Center (IPAC) as the Senior Vice President and Principal Executive of the International and Domestic Health Care Consulting Practice. In this role, Jeffrey developed new business strategies for the Health Services GroupĀ and engineered the merger of the Harvard Medical International (HMI) and the German Medical Corporation (GMC). This merger led to the building and management of the first private hospital in Hanover, Germany. By creating and developing an equity agreement, IPAC shared in the overall profitability of the Hospital through 1998 and beyond. After this success, Jeffrey established two new practices in eight months: The Health Care Finance Practice and the Physician Hospital Organization (PHO) practice. Further, he independently developed and created an innovative financial design to stabilize Commercial and Public Health liabilities on a multi-year basis known as the Advanced Funding Program. In 1996, the first Advanced Funding transaction was executed in San Bernardino County, CA for $45MM.

In 2008, Jeffrey took a four year sabbatical to begin developing a new product for the health brokerage community. In 2012, Jeffery began Apex Management Group in order to respond to the ACA health requirements. He partnered with Chris in order to successfully deliver health brokerage solutions that meet ACA requirements. Using his thirty-one years of experience in the diverse fields of health care management, marketing, and the actuarial and financial sectors, along with his experience in negotiation, managed-care product development, pricing, and the development of sophisticated reporting architectures enabled Jeffrey to structure and implement the Advanced Funding Program. To date, there have been approximately $3B in Advanced Funding Transactions executed in the United States.