This webinar provides Agents a thorough overview of the Apex 1Complete Solution, an all-inclusive fully integrated Healthcare Strategy for Employees and their Families. This presentation features a discussion of best-in-class providers delivering a complete and extremely affordable, fully integrated healthcare solution.
The following video was presented to PALIC Agents in July 24, 2020 and offers a very detailed explanation of the features and benefits of the Apex Management Group MEC Plans and how they have been efficiently and effectively integrated in the pricing sales and enrollment platform of PALIC.  The information was very well received by the participating Agents.
This short video demonstrates to health care sales professionals how to effectively utilize the Apex Management Group website throughout the sales process.

The above link provides a brief overview of how Medical Cost Sharing works.  This short video provides a great introduction to the entire medical Cost Sharing process and includes, available options, potential savings, information about access to medical providers, and how medical expenses are paid.  Again, this is a very brief video, but is a great place to start for Agents and individuals who want to begin to learn more about Medical Cost Sharing as an alternative, and very viable, health care delivery solution. (September 18, 2018 – Sedera Health – How It Works -  Time: 1 minute and 45 Seconds).

This webinar presents a unique group plan solution for employers wanting a comprehensive group health care plan, but at an affordable price.  You will learn that by pairing our Apex Plans with the Sedera Health Medical Cost Sharing Plan employees will have coverage for day-to-day health care, as well as, catastrophic or unforeseen health care needs.  This solution does not necessarily fit all group sales situations.  Employers who do find it to be appropriate for their organizations receive tremendous health care coverage with provider choice.  Employers will also see a cost reduction of 30% to 50% from traditional insurance. (Webinar- "Medical Cost Sharing - The Proven Alternative" May 16, 2018 - Time 49 minutes 27 seconds)